Friday, February 3, 2012

Jolebord long local food

Jolebord2Det was not a traditional jolemeny I got served when I was at tilstades jolebordet to adult education in Åseral. Nuddle fried with lots of good content, and rice, the Thai spring rolls and Karen. Recipe is not locally even if the food was made ​​in Åseral. Espen Bentsen Øyulvstad welcomes everyone and had and made sure that it was prepared meat stick with associated potato and rutabaga. An "emergency solution" for those who do not appreciate a gastronomical highlights, thought Espen. The food tasted great and famous jolesonger which was sung in Burmese, so this was like a solemn moment for the invited guests.

The new åsdølane, which originally came from Burma, he studied Norwegian with social studies in adult education. Espen was very pleased with the progress of the pupils. Over the past moved to the village in the autumn holiday and everything was able to read - in Norwegian!

Det vart ei minnerik feststund i fleirbrukshallen i Åseral
It was a memorable party moments in multi-purpose hall in Åseral

Kjende jolesonger vart framført på Burmesisk
Known jolesonger was performed on the Burmese

Say Thoo Laht med vakker solosong til toner av Hsar Doh Heing på gitar
Say Thoo Laht with a beautiful solo song to the tones of the DOH Hsar Heing on guitar

Hsar Doh Heing var tolk. Guten taler no norsk med åseralsdialekt... Ordførar Oddmund Ljosland vart og mektig imponert.
Hsar DOH Heing was an interpreter. The boy speaks no Norwegian with Åseral dialect ... Mayor Oddmund Ljosland and was very impressed.